Share your story


Yes your story matters!

Yes we would love to post your story on the site!

Whether it’s a couple of paragraphs or a couple of pages your story will inspire and empower someone somewhere!

We welcome stories from women:

  • of all ages
  • of all cultures
  • who birthed fifty years ago or who birthed last week
  • who have had multiple births
  • who can write in languages other than English
  • and their partners- we are soon to launch a special section for expectant partners to read.

Please feel free to share your story about what you did during your pregnancy/birth, which contributed to your positive birth experience, eg. Visualisation, special foods or beverages, yoga, walking, positions, mind set, advocacy etc… anything you felt helped is important and worth sharing.

Possible considerations when writing your birth story:

  • What contributed to making your birth a positive experience? This can include conception, pregnancy and birth.
  • How did you handle your fear and/or stress if you had any?
  • How did you cope with outside pressure?
  • If your first birth was traumatic and the next one was a positive experience what was the difference? What did you do differently? Why did you feel differently? Was it physical, emotional, or spiritual aspects, or a combination of them all that made the difference during your pregnancy and birth?
  • Please be aware of basic spelling and grammar and if possible try to keep it 2000 words or less for maximum readers’ pleasure.



Please note:

  • Please include a title for your story, contact email and the name you wish to use for publication.
  • Nearly every birth has an element of pain and all stories of birth feature pain as part of the natural process… however we don’t want to publish stories of intervention, injury or trauma physical, spiritual or emotional to mother or baby simply because we all get enough of these details in other places. Obviously if your experience had these elements it does not make your experience any less profound, positive or valuable – it’s just that this site is concentrating on natural, gentle and un-interfered births for the reasons expressed in the website.