Positive Birth Stories


Our aim is for you to use these real life positive birth stories to encourage yourself to be confident in your natural ability to give birth gently, to surround yourself with the sweetness

The innate ability of each woman to give birth guided by her body’s wisdom, with trusted attendants, in soft private spaces, has been largely taken over by the international billion dollar high-tech low-touch obstetrics industry. This ‘active management’ of childbirth alters the mix of hormones that evolution has provided to help ease mother andbaby through birth. Traumatic popular culture images, non-factual historical references andurban horror stories of childbirth reinforce birth-fear causing the very muscles designed for childbirth to constrict andtense. The result? Widespread ‘complications’ andunnecessary interventions leaving mothers andbabies traumatised andaffected.

What if we weren’t scared?

gaia2What if we knew pregnancy andgiving birth was the most normal natural thing on earth andmillions of women go through it without ‘complications’, fear or intervention?

What if we employed proven & safe techniques during pregnancy andchildbirth that enhanced our power to give birth naturally?

What if we were reminded that our bodies are perfectly designed to give birth?

Would this help change attitudes andtherefore childbirth?

I believe it would! Here, in the true experiences of women from across the globe you will find the evidence. Like women’s stories across the ages andcontinents, these stories will inform, entertain, inspire andkeep truth alive.

By hearing true stories filled with wisdom, tips & techniques andpositive experiences of birthing you will feel empowered andbe reminded that its possible to give birth gently according to you andyour baby’s power, strength andinnate wisdom.

Jump into this glorious array of stories, absorb them, fill your dreams up with them, surround yourself with the golden glow of all things positive andaffirming, andsubmerge yourself in the wisdom shared by women across the globe.…They are our gift to you andyour babies.

Thank you

I would like to extend my deep appreciation to the wonderful women who have shared their stories. Your time andwords andexperiences continue to inspire andempower others. A big warm thank you sweet women andall blessings andlove for you andyour babies whenever you may be

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“I am not afraid I was born to do this”
Birth quilt by Sarah