Who's better dream or technoblade?

Both are better in their own right. Dream is a speedrunner and there is a master in cheating and ingenuity.

Who's better dream or technoblade?

Both are better in their own right. Dream is a speedrunner and there is a master in cheating and ingenuity. But Technoblade is a master in PvP fighting, so Techno was able to destroy Dream in all his duels. He is considered the best Minecraft player because of his survival.

No one knows for sure how the rivalry between Technoblade and Dream began, but followers have come up with convincing theories. One such hypothesis, put forward by TheBestGinger, revolves around Keemstar. According to the story, Keemstar kicked off the competitive Minecraft scene with Minecraft Monday. Technoblade was one of the first participants and swept the competition.

Although Dream joined the contests in week 9, it didn't start competing directly with Technoblade until the sixth Minecraft Championship. Although neither won, Dream and his team advanced in terms of performance, which could have started their unofficial rivalry with Technoblade. Some dreams can even tell elaborate stories in which the dreamer enters completely new and complex worlds and wakes up with ideas, thoughts and feelings never before lived before sleep. Because REM sleep is detectable in many species, and because research suggests that all mammals experience REM, linking dreams to REM sleep has led to guesswork that animals dream.

For example, during the fourth round of his legendary fight against Dream, Technoblade apparently forgot about his opponent while dodging the ground for 10 seconds. Although techno is not a pvp god, it only has a very good sense of the game, and the dream is not a god of speed, it is good, but its best race is mainly due to luck and is not as good as people like Illumina and Benex. In the past, Technoblade and Dream have fought for the title and are essentially rivals, but like all rivalries, their competition had to start somewhere. Gudea, the king of the Sumerian city-state of Lagash, rebuilt the temple of Ningirsu as a result of a dream in which he was told to do so.

The debate is literally to measure the tree-climbing skills of a fish, techno is the god pvp, dreams of the god of fast running, they are separate things. Long ago, according to writings from Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, dreams dictated post-dream behaviors to a drastically reduced extent in subsequent millennia. In the dreams of visits reported in ancient writings, dreamers were largely passive in their dreams, and the visual content served mainly to frame authoritarian auditory messages. Brain activity capable of formulating such dreams, rare among literate people in later times, conforms to the bicameral mentality hypothesized by Julian Jaynes as dominant in the second or first millennium BC.

To study it, a dream must first be reduced to a verbal report, which is an account of the subject's dream memory, not of the subject's dream experience itself. Currently, the general consensus is that while Technoblade is the best competitive Minecraft player, Dream is Minecraft's top speed racer. It is not known where in the brain dreams originate, if there is a single origin for dreams or if multiple brain regions are involved, or what the purpose of dreams is for the body or mind.

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